About us

Hepra team is all about positivity and passion for problem solving. Our distinction is the willingness to learn through research and apply the knowledge from a business perspective. We are definitely easy to work with and talk to, but also highly-qualified, talented and innovative IT professionals each with their own areas of expertise.

What We Do

Formed in 2002 we worked on some high profile government projects in Geographical Information Systems and Data Backup solutions. In 2009 we started focusing on mobile, web applications and cloud based systems. Our work ranges from large corporate portals and online services to a number of mobile tools for hospitality and cruise lines. All use the same widely used open-source technologies which have grown with us over the years and keep us on top even today.

Years of experience in assessing the business flow and requirements allows us to advise on different solutions and technologies which will help your business grow. While being experts in many areas we are also proud of being agile and have a keen sense of extracting the best from technologies while keeping the development cycle short and project cost low.

Our current focus is in the following fields:

  • Web and Mobile Software Development
  • Software for Hospitality and Cruise Lines
  • Geographic Information Systems - GIS

We create a unique team for each project, ensuring the best possible combination of skills and experience. We are proud that we can team up 16 or more programmers which ensures we can meet the client's needs and deliver high quality solutions.

Please contact us and we will be happy to show you our work.

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facts about us

We believe that our development process should be more than just efficient, it should be fun too! We have a passion for creating and designing software that challenges the past, a drive to create something that has never been created before, and to make your business process even better.


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